Welcome to my world

Hi, I’m Mahmoud Parandeh
a Flutter Developer.

I use Angular as front-end technology and have around three years of experience. Also, I developed a mobile app with Flutter. Recently, I started Nest js, which is an awesome node js framework.


What I Do

Angular Developer

I have experience with angular and can develop awesome web apps in SPA or SSR mode.

Flutter Developer

I have experience with flutter which is the best framework for developing cross platform mobile applications.

NestJS Developer

I start learning Nest.Js which is one of Node js framework. i have a little experience with Nest.js.

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My Portfolio

7+ Years of Experience

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Contact With Me

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Mahmoud Parandeh

Software Developer

I am available for freelance work or a remote job. Connect with me via Email (preferred) or call my account.

Phone: +98 935 810 4719 Email: mahmoud.parandeh@gmail.com